Vance Barber

 Acting Coach

"Vance is wonderful. I went to him on recommendation from my manager with no idea what I would come across. I'd been taping my own auditions for years and just needed someone to do the audition setup for me. Well, he did that and so much more. With some simple but very effective suggestions and guidance plus a professional setup, he turned the audition in quickly and I was amazed at the product. I have been recommending him ever since and have continued going to him for my auditions. He's well worth every penny!”

Zabryna Guevara, “Marley & Me”, “The Guilt Trip”, “All Good Things”, “Burn Notice”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Blue Bloods”, “Person of Interest”

"A patient and diligent coach, Vance takes time to work auditions so the actor truly understands the play of the scene and how to use the camera to tell the story. I think Vance is an excellent coach and would recommend him to fellow actors. He has a great sense of what works and his easy-going nature makes the whole audition prep work that much more enjoyable"

Emilea Wilson, “Time Freak” (Academy Award Nominated Short Film, 2012), “Trending Down”, “Life in Parallel”, “419”

“Vance's extraordinary sense of passion for the art of acting combined with his creative brilliance makes him the coaching genius that he is. He cares so deeply about each of his clients, doing everything in his power to help them succeed. Vance's creative enthusiasm is contagious, once you start working with him, you won't want to stop.”

Michal Zecher, Casting Associate at Laura Rosenthal Casting, prior Talent Coordinator for CBS’ Primetime Casting Department, Audition Coach

“Vance offers a clear, detailed way to make your audition "pop" on camera. In a business where getting the job is the hardest part of the job, working with someone like Vance is invaluable.”

Darren Pettie, “Mad Men” (Recurring), “Pan Am” (Recurring), “Ringer” (Recurring), “Castle”, “Scandal”, “Taking Woodstock”

“From the first time Vance Barber walked into my classroom, I knew he had a wild curiosity and dedicated passion for both the art and the business of acting. Over the years, he has logged thousands of hours with me as a student and teaching assistant. When it came time for me to hire another coach for my studio, choosing him was a no- brainer. And not for nothing, he's a patient and compassionate person.”

Bob Krakower, Recognized as one of the top acting coaches in the business

“Vance gets the job done so you can get the job! His sessions are efficient and concise and he knows exactly what adjustments need to be made without bruising the material.”

David A. Gregory, “Deception” (Recurring), “One Life to Live” (Recurring), “Gossip Girl”, “Excuse Me for Living”, “How Do You Know”